Er was eens...

vivez votre rêve

leef je droom · live your dream · lebe deinen traum

Which of us hasn’t allowed themselves to dream when watching TV programmes about travel and starting a new life in a different country? Thinking back to the great holiday you had in that beautiful place, close to the lovely old town with the amazing Saturday market. The charming restaurants, shops, streets and squares. The surroundings, the smell, the food... You know, the place where you thought, ‘I want to stay here for ever!’ 

La Buissonnière was that place for us - and the time we spent there wasn’t just any holiday, it was our honeymoon! Which makes it extra special that since October 2016 we have been the new owners of this place, the special holiday spot that meant so much to us. Everything has come together for us here: a fairy tale come true!

When people ask us how we got the idea of doing this, the answer is easy: ‘it just happened’. It sounds a bit weird, but that’s basically how it went. Emigrating was Karen’s dream and Rob’s nightmare, we sometimes joke! We had a good life: a nice house, family & friends close by, sports and hobbies. So it really wasn’t a very logical step to leave all that behind...


Rob was happy in his work in Eindhoven, but Karen was looking for a new challenge. Dijntje was six and Cato would be turning four soon, so it was almost time for her to go to school. We discussed all kinds of possibilities and then, one evening in summer 2015, we heard that La Buissonnière was for sale. We saw an opportunity and went for it, without hesitation! It was now or never… 

'I’ve never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do it!' - Pippi Longstocking -

Rob & Karen dans le Mehari.jpg

Several years have passed now. Our girls have become real Françaises. And as for us, we’re settled in as part of the village, living the good life the French way and ENJOYING LIFE! 

La vie est belle!

À bientôt!

Rob, Karen, Dijntje & Cato

‘It’s better to regret something you did, than regret never trying something.’ 

Rob & Karen op huwelijksreis naar la Bui